Surf Camps

Our 10 day surf camps are one of the most memorable and beneficial experience a child could have. Every summer, Board Academy organises surf camps on the island of Limnos, Greece, where kids age 6 - 20 years become part of the island adventure.

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Limnos is a Greek island located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. It can be reached by ferry from the city of Kavala in 3-5 hours.

The ferry docks in Myrina, the capital of the island, from where it takes about 20 minutes to reach the Board Academy base located in Lihna Bay.



Lychna is a closed inland bay located in the middle of the island of Limnos.

The conditions in the bay are extremely good for beginner surfers, especially children, and all kinds of other activities. The water is crystal clear and knee-deep almost all year round for 50m into the sea. At low tide even more shallow. 

The wind in the bay is offshore and there is no outlet to the open sea, making it very safe for surfers and vessels.

It is where our base is located, where the children spend most of their time.

Another advantage is that there are no other surf bases or infrastructures in the bay that would disturb the peace and daily activities of the children.


Activities in the bay

Water Sports

Water sports you can practise at Board Academy

  • Windsurf
  • Wingsurf
  • Kitesurf
  • Paddle board 
  • Wakesurf
  • Kayak
  • Hawaiian surf
  • Swimming and snorkel 
Water Sports

Schedule and dates

The surf camp program includes dozens of activities and games that vary according to conditions and wind.

Dates for the children's camps at a price of €1,250:

29.06 - 08.07.24 

10.07 - 19.07.24

21.07 - 30.07.24

01.08 - 10.08.24

11.08 - 20.08.24

What is included in the price: 
- insurance 
- organized transport (Bus to Kavala, Ferry)
- accommodation
- food (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner) 
- 4h. water activities and water sports every day
- equipment depending on the sport

- enrolling for more than one camp -10%
- enrolling a second child (brother or sister) -20%
- enrolling a third child -30%

Waking up
Exercise and competitive games
windsurf lessons/water sports/other activities
Relaxing time / games under the shade / Reading time
Windsurfing/water sports/other activities
Off to bed (depending on the age of the children)


The children sleep in our tented camp at the camping. They are assigned to sleep in pairs or three in a tent, under a shade build by us.
The tents are near the kitchen, 50 m from the sea and are protected from the wind.
We have toilets, showers and changing rooms that provide everything you need to maintain good hygiene, similar to a common beach camping.

Promoting Healthy Eating Habits

Promoting Healthy Eating Habits

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided for the children, prepared in our kitchen by a chef.

At Boardacademy, we are dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and dietary choices throughout the children's stay. Our in-house chef uses organic vegetables sourced directly from the island's farmers, while our bread, cheese, and milk products are sourced from the local bakery, ensuring a commitment to quality and freshness. Our team actively discourages the consumption of junk food, such as conventional Coke products, candies, or chips. Our aim is to provide a diverse and nutritious food regimen, while taking every kid‘с dietary needs and preferences in account.

Outside the bay

Additional program:

  • Cliff jumping
  • Wave surfing
  • Sand boarding
  • Visits to the salt lake
  • Exploring the capital Myrina
  • Tennis
  • Evening trips to nearest town for ice cream
  • Sleepovers at virgin beaches with sleeping bags
Outside the bay

Limnos Team

Hani Gavani

Hani Gavani

Hani founded Board Academy in 2007.

As a NSA graduate with a snowboard coaching profile, he is the main driving wheel in our team. He is not only a snowboarding coach, but also an experienced windsurfer and kitesurfer

Hani is behind the philosophy of Board Academy and manages not only to build discipline in the camp, but also to make the children have fun in all endeavours.

Monika Ruseva
Windsurf instructor

Monika Ruseva

Moni is one of the few qualified windsurfing instructors in Bulgaria from the international organisation VÖWS in Austria. As the manager of the surf school, she is responsible for the organisation and running of the surf camps.

Branko and Valentina Avramovski
Tennis coaches

Branko and Valentina Avramovski

The couple has been an integral part of our team for several years. They are tennis coaches with over 20 years of career working with numerous national and foreign players. Branko was the coach for the Macedonian national team until the age of 12 and 14. In tandem, the two have built many champions with international success. Branko and Valentina have worked in various places around the world, but they decided to return to Bulgaria and work with vchildren. They are currently the focus on the training of their young son, Damian Avramovski, who is an active competitor in tennis participating in both national and international tournaments.

Lozio Dimitrov
Kite instructor

Lozio Dimitrov

Lozio has been involved in skating and snowboarding since 2001. He was an active competitor and has received numerous awards from both sports in Bulgaria and abroad.

In 2012, he graduated from the National Academy of Sciences with a specialisation in snowboarding - coach.

In 2013 - 2015, he became a body-flight instructor at Sofia Aerodrome (vertical air tunnel), and in 2015 he started flying with a paraglider.

In 2016, he started kitesurfing for the first time and fell in love with the sport, of course. He is crucial  of the Board Academy team and very talented at passing on his kite passion and knowledge to the little ones.


вашето дете

The camp is very nice and you really learn a lot, meet a lot of people and you never want to leave.


My son was extremely pleased and said he wants to go again.


I feel great at the camps, I have a lot of fun and I have a lot of friends there.



My son has grown, become extremely responsible and motivated since his summer camp visits. He is happy to meet wonderful children with whom he is friends.


I really like the camp and feel more sporty after it.


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